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The choise of an item which will come into your home is never easy; PETS tabletop wine racks collection helps you, it's a new idea of ​​wine display, which is unique in design and thought to share your best bottles with your family or friends.

Made in Italy design wine bottles racks, ready to value your kitchen and your living room! These wine exhibitors give your environment a touch of personality.

PETS collection is completely made of plexiglass with a back-lacquered side that enhances the reflections of light giving reflection to the tabletop wine racks! The soft curves, the precision of the carvings and the transparent tray are all details that value PETS wine bottles holders making them extraordinary design objects.

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PINGI modern wine rack

PINGI modern tabletop wine rack is a cute penguin who wants to put your bottles in its...

MAOAO wine bottles holder

MAOAO small design wine rack is an irresistible big cat waiting to be adopted. It can not...

BAUAU wine display

BAUAU wine holder is a faithful dog looking for a fried to take care of your bottles! You...

GUFFI table bottle holder

GUFFI table bottle holder is a funny sly owl looking for a nest to hold your best...

PIGGY wine bottle holder is a sensitive pig

PIGGY wine bottle holder is a sensitive pig that needs all your hugs to better serve your...