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“If I had not been born and raised in Italy, would my creativity and curiosity combined with my passion for wine and the taste for beautiful things ever have merged together becoming one day my job?

For sure, the chance to enjoy the so-called ‘Beautiful country’ (‘Bel Paese’), in all its cultural, artistic, culinary, passionate and natural aspects, has helped make me become what I am…the art of creating and giving life to the bottle holders I make is something that has been mine since I was a child.

I was a child when, at the end of the summer, all my family used to go harvesting in uncle Cipriano’s vineyard, up on the hill. If I close my eyes I can still smell the scents of the vineyard, the smells of the earth, but above all, I remember all the pranks I used to make and how angry my uncle became, so that he put me on top of the cart, in the middle of the bunches of grapes, alone, to meditate.

It was at that point that, probably owing to the fumes of the grapes, my imagination took off and landed in a fantasy world made of inanimate objects, which came to life making me play with them.

Even now, I still go back to that fantasy world when I create my bottle rack collections. Indeed, I’ve chosen to specialize only and exclusively in the realization of wine display stands, devising table top bottle racks that will unexpectedly come into your everyday life finding a place for themselves in your affective sphere…does it seem impossible to you?

Yet, all our bottle holders are born with a soul of their own; that’s why you will never be ready to part with them!

W I T S ”


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Our team consists of only Italian professionals who have managed to combine all their experience on interior design with a passionate love for wine.

This has led to the creation of wine display stands of a high aesthetic/functional level, through an analytical study in the choice of materials, such as wood, plexiglass, steel and eco-sustainable materials. The combined use of these, together with our technical experience and the sensitivity which distinguishes Italian design, have allowed us to create wine display stands that are unique, both in style and design.

We ‘play’  with wine and ‘reinterpret’ it by creating objects that become part of the life of each of us, with something more, something that only WITS can give.

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